Winter is fun for Maine’s Island puppy, Clipper!

21It is a bright and sunny day! We’re going outside to play, but the snow is still very deep for a little puppy like me. Purr is going to venture outside in Zack’s arms, but I think she will want to go right back in when she starts to get cold!

Marie and I are going to look for the first pansies, but Mommy Diana said that they were still deep in the ground sleeping. Instead she has cut some forsythia branches to put in water and make the house look bright with their yellow flowers. Do you ever do that? Some people bring in pussy willows, but we bring in forsythia. Auntie Honey helps us as she knows where everything in the garden grows.

Our aunties are going to look for animal holes in the snow, snuffling as they go. On occasion Auntie Spinner sneezes as she gets a piece of snow on her nose, but she’s having fun.

When everyone is all bundled up in their winter clothing we go out and get out the sleds. It’s not as cold as it was, but it is still cold. We are pleased that there is no wind today. Continue reading

Our adorable puppy, Clipper, in the news with his ABC’s

This article appeared in the UMVA magazine, HERE.

A Maine children’s ABC book in four languages under one cover!

Poster of the ABC book in four languages

Poster of the ABC book in four languages

According to the 2000 census, 25 percent of Maine’s population are of Franco-American descent, but there are no ABC children’s books in French with paintings of their state. Spanish is soon to become North America’s second language, but few know the basics of Spanish in Maine. We live in a global community; the earlier children are exposed to different languages, like Japanese, the more perspective they will have.

The ABC book is the second in a series of 5 books. Clipper is a sweet puppy who loves to get into mischief. Through his adventures on a Maine island we all “grow up” with this adorable puppy as he warms our hearts and souls. For more information please see:

Happy New Year from Maine’s Island puppy- Clipper

Last night we had a big party here with lots of noise. There were long things that looked like lizard tongues that went in and out. And outside there was even more noise with bright sparkly things in the sky.

Puff was scared and hid under Great Auntie Sweetie. All I could see of Puff was the tip of her tail. Great Auntie Sweetie said she was fine and was even purring. I almost wished I could hide under Great Auntie, too, but Marie cuddled me and kept Zachary and his friends from scaring me with great big lizard tongues! Then Zachary realized that it was scaring me and told his friends that this was a party for fun, and I wasn’t having fun. So they played with me, and we all had a great time.

Zach carefully explained to Marie and me that the year numbered 2014 was over and now it was be 2015. I don’t understand numbers, but it meant to me that something big had changed. I hope my home is all the same. I don’t want anything to change, especially my family! Continue reading

Clipper, the island puppy, ABC book in 4 languages makes news!

The article in Maine Insights: A Maine vibrant watercolor ABC book in four languages under one cover. The article is also in the Bangor Daily News, HERE.

By Morgan Rogers

Vibrant watercolor illustrations of a Maine island Labrador puppy bring smiles to kids learning new words

Finally, there is a children’s ABC book with watercolors of Maine in four languages!

Clipper, the adorable Maine Island Labrador puppy, takes children into his world, while teaching them their ABC’s, and new words in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. One painting leads into the next, as children follow bubbles throughout the book. This unique concept gives children continuity, as they discover other languages. Continue reading

ABC Maine Island Puppy poster for children and schools

Clipper’s ABC’s in four languages is now available as a 18 x 24 inch poster to put on any child’s wall. The bright playful puppy not only will help teach your child their ABC’s but he’ll also take them on a journey around the world by translating words from English to French, Spanish and Japanese.

The poster is only $18 including shipping and handling. Please use paypal at or send a check or money order to: Polar Bear & Co., PO Box 311, Solon, Maine., 04979.

Any Maine school can have the poster free.

Any teacher purchasing 2 or more Clipper Books can receive a free poster!

The poster can also be purchased framed in oak for $42 plus $5 shipping and handling.


It looks great in any child’s room or school.

More about Clipper’s ABC’s in English, French, Spanish and Japanese:

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Finally, a children’s book in four languages! Here is an example of some of the playful, educational pages in Clipper’s ABC’s, plus the front and back.

Journey with Clipper, the adorable Maine island puppy, as he takes children into his world, while teaching them their ABC’s in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. One painting leads into the next, as children follow bubbles throughout the book. This unique concept gives children continuity, as they discover other languages.

Reading Clipper’s ABC’s in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese children and adults fall in love with the puppy in the different circumstances the artist, Ramona du Houx, depicts him in. Some are humorous, some serious. Children eagerly try to pronounce the different words, as if Clipper has given them the courage to do so. Clipper takes them into his world, while teaching them their ABC’s.

With the availability of the Internet it is easy for adults to find out how to pronounce the various words, if they don’t know some, in Clipper’s ABC’s in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. ISBN: 9781882190294

Place your order now. Send a check or money order for $17.95 + $3 for shipping and handling. Order saying you read about the book here and receive free shipping in the U.S.A. See above ordering details.

Watercolor painting illustrations copyright © 2014 by Ramona du Houx. Clipper copyright © by Anita de Laguna Haviland. All rights reserved.

It’s a big Great Pumpkin

11Hi! I’m Clipper. Did you come to play today? Be careful, we have a ghost on the front porch. Not a real one, but a huge pumpkin carved to look like one. I am sorry to be so late, but a lot has been happening this month at my house! How about at your’s?

Marie dressed me up as a clown for her kindergarten class Halloween party, and I don’t like it one bit! Puff was left alone because she is so tiny that she can’t go to Marie’s Halloween Party today. So I am going as a baby clown in Marie’s dolly buggy. She’s giving me treats to do it, so I guess I am a baby puppy clown!

Marie is going as a witch, though why a witch needs a baby puppy clown is something that I can’t figure out. Witches usually have black cats, but Puff is too tiny to go. She might get stepped on in all of the fuss. Continue reading