Holiday letters with love from Clipper

JDaddy Zach is writing our Holiday Letter to many friends. He’s adding in lots of photos, many of them of Puff and me! I am a very photogenic puppy, he says. Puff is hard to photograph because she is all black, but her green eyes sparkle through in any photo. Sometimes you can see only one of them if she is blinking, but it sparkles!

I think Daddy David doesn’t want my help because he put me outside the study door and said, “Later Clipper, we’ll play later.” I want to help him work, so I’ll sit here and be his guard dog! Puff can help too, she sits on the chair and guards from there. She looks fierce when she grins at anyone who comes to the door.

We let Mommy Diana go in to take him some more coffee, and heard her say, “Do you know what Clipper and Puff are doing . . . ?” and then there was a chuckle from each of them!

Daddy David came out and took a photo of me guarding the door and Puff on the chair, and then he called for a family photo. That’s a bit of a problem because Great Auntie Sweetie doesn’t want to get out of her warm bed, but finally we are all lined up on the stairs.

I was in Marie’s lap next to Great Auntie Sweetie, but we could not find Puff! Finally Marie spotted her, on top of the tree!

Daddy David had to get a ladder to get her down but she was scared by that, too. So she hopped to Daddy David’s back, slowly, climbed down, hanging on with her tiny claws. There were a number of ouches as she went down his sweater, and then she was onto the chair behind, and jumped onto Zach’s lap!

Mommy Diana set the camera to take a photo and when it flashed, Puff hopped into the tree again! That kitty can really jump!


So the family photo shows a black smudge and then an extra photo of Puff on the chair guarding Daddy David’s study.

While the letter was printing out, slowly because of all of the photos, Puff watched it and patted each page as it came, making sure that they were lined up properly. She is really a sweet, neat kitty who really tries to help.

I went into the kitchen to help Zach make dog cookies. They were made of flour, oatmeal, peanut butter, garlic powder, and apple chunks, all mushed in together. There was as much flour as oatmeal, and then peanut butter so that they didn’t stick.

Mommy Diana added a bit of chicken broth when it was too thick for Zach to stir. Then Zach grated into it some of my dried liver treats that the very nice UPS man brings me. They were to add proper doggie flavor.

Mommy Diana looked at the batter, and said, they certainly were made love even if they do crumble a bit!

Daddy David came in to help with his special kitty treat recipe. It smelled a lot when cooking, Puff walked up and down in front of the oven until they were done! He used some grated cheddar cheese, whole wheat flour, broth and s couple of sardines to make it. It was Daddy David’s own special recipe, and we wondered if kitties would like it. Puff did.

Marie dropped the dough onto the parchment paper with a very small scoop to they would be just the right size. They were baked for a little while in a warm oven until they were browned on top and came out.

When they were cool, and crumbly, they packed them carefully into little doggie Holiday Greetings bags and Marie added doggie bones to reach one, just the right size for each doggie. Another Holiday bag was added for kitties with a cookie that Daddy David made, and each one got a little toy mouse. They both tied ribbons on them, but sometimes Marie and Zach helped each other with the very wide ribbons.

After helping with the cookie baking Mommy Diana went back to wrapping gifts for various people who have the doggies. There was a different kind of paper to almost every family, sometimes the same, but very colorful!

We took the bags of treats to each family on our block and we caroled them when they opened their doors! I even added my song, too, and everyone liked it. I think I sing beautifully, as well as Marie and Zachary. Puff was at home with great Auntie Sweetie because she is too little to go out in the cold yet. She can sing, and sometimes we sing songs together!

We hoped that your Holidays were very Happy!!!

Thanksgiving celebrations with Maine’s Island Labrador puppy


Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and it was a Big Day for all of us! Mommy Diana cooked 2 turkeys because she wanted to feed some of the neighbors also besides having the whole family in for the celebration! There were 2 whole, big delicious turkeys! The house surely smelled delicious, too, all over.

Right after dinner, we walked off our meal by going to Mrs. Frazer’s house to give her a Thanksgiving dinner. She was expecting us, and she was so happy! Her little dog Jocko was very happy also when I gave him a big bone that was a special treat!

Next we walked further down the block to give a meal to Mr. Greenbaum. He was so pleased that he had his table all set up for a good meal. Just like the other meals, he had turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots and a salad, all from our garden! Puff and I gave his cat Meow a special treat of cat nip! He loved it. Puff came along in her basket over Zach’s arm, you see.

And finally, at the end of the block we gave a meal to Mr. and Mrs. Alexander a big meal, too. Their dog, Daisy, a golden retriever, had new puppies, and we went in to see them. Daisy is a very good mother, and her puppies were plump and sleeping. I think they had a very good Thanksgiving before we got here! Daisy got her own bit of turkey as a treat because she is feeding 8 puppies all be herself! Wow, that is impressive! Puff also gave her a big bone.

It was so good. Everyone got a real Thanksgiving meal with vegetables from our garden, and Zach, Marie and I baked brownies and cookies for desserts. Puff was sleeping in her basket. She is a baby kitty and sleeps even more than I do.

Finally we went back home to have our desserts. My aunties and I can’t have any pie or ice cream, but we had something better. All of us doggies had great big special bones to chew on for days and days! Puff got a tiny toy mouse.

Daddy David got out his trumpet and played songs. I sang with him and so did my aunties, very quietly of course. Our company joined in on the best songs. He plays very well… and we sang “She’ll be coming round the mountain” with lots of happiness and energy. That wasn’t quiet at all. The Toots were especially good. I could really sing to them.

Suddenly the doorbell rang! It was Policeman Joe! What was the matter? Continue reading

Clipper the Maine Island puppy loves Pumpkins-celebrate with him!


It’s October and that means it is time to clean the Village Park, have the Pie Party and have Halloween, all in one long, happy afternoon!

All of us are making pumpkin faces to have for a big Halloween Party at the Village Park tomorrow! Some pumpkins are a special kind, just for making pies, and Marie and Zach are helping roll out the dough. It will be a great party. I can hardly wait!

Some of the pumpkin faces are happy and some are scary. One looks just like Daddy David, and we all laugh!

It’s hard to sleep tonight waiting for the party at the Village Park. The last time I was there, a nasty dog growled at me. I don’t think he will be there for the party, though. Policeman Joe told his parents to keep him home until he could be nice.

Party Day! We load up the car, with people, dogs, pies and pumpkins with candles for later after it is dark.

We will have lots of puppies and lots of children and lots of parents at the park. Everyone in the Village is coming! They all want to clean up the park after a summer of great fun! Then they know they will all have a slice of really yummy pumpkin pie! Continue reading

Clipper in the garden

GThis has been a big garden time! Mommy Diana and Daddy David went and bought many plants for the garden and lots of little seeds. Also they had outside lots of little plants that Mommy Diana grew all over in the windows of the house! The window sills look very empty now.

I’ve been out in the big vegetable garden with Mommy Diana, and Puff. We watched very carefully while she planted little white things she called, “Onions,” and then because they smelled badly, we dug them up, carefully leaving each one where it was.
We like the lavender and mint. We left the seeds and all of the plants, but the onions didn’t smell nice in my garden. We didn’t like them.

Mommy Diana put several types of tomatoes in the gardens, all the way from really big ones to tiny little grape tomatoes.
Mommy Diana even planted a garden for us dogs and Puff. In it she had planted some tomatoes, some cherry tomatoes for my aunties, and some tiny ones are for me and Puff. Marie and Zachary are allowed to snack from both gardens! It is much better, she said, to plant some for us rather than have us leave half eaten ones all over. But she didn’t put any onions in it! I think Mommy Diana is right! Continue reading

A day in the garden with Clipper- the Maine island puppy


I’ve been out in the big vegetable garden with Mommy Diana, and Puff. We watched very carefully while she planted little white things she called, “Onions,:” and then because they smelled badly, we dug them up carefully, leaving each one where it was.

We do like the lavender and mint. We left the seeds and all of the plants, but the onions didn’t smell good in my garden.

Happy Spring! Happy Mother’s Day!

Mommy Diana said that April showers bring May flowers. We have flowers, but today we are having showers, and we are all inside. I have to go outside to my garden for a while, but maybe I can have some fun in the garden!

RRain is fun! I can dance in it! I can run round dancing, and then dance standing up smelling some of the tall flowers. They really smell great. The little ones do, too. It is hard to dance when I am leaning way down, but I can wiggle my tail end and that is a kind of doggie dance!

I love dancing in the rain! Continue reading

Happy National Puppy Day!!

N is for National today. For National Puppy Day!

N is for National today. For National Puppy Day!

Every March 23rd, we have a reason to smile. It’s a National Puppy Day, a day to celebrate all the overwhelming cute of these doppy, floppy, playful balls of joy. But if you can’t get around to being burried in a pile of puppies and breathe deep lung-fulls of puppy breath, we have a few ways you can celebrate.

You can volunteer at a local animal shelter. Shelters need everything from people to walk dogs and pet cats to photographing adoptable pets, handyman repair work around the facility, driving pets from shelters to rescue centers or to vet appointments, updating their websites and more. We have a list of 25 creative ways you can help your local animal shelter.

If you’re interested in bringing a puppy home to be a family member, there’s a lot you can do to have the most positive impact. First, know what you’re getting into and of course look into adoption first. You can even adopt from a breed-specific rescue. Continue reading