It’s Independence Day! with Clipper

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 9.45.58 AM

It’s Independence Day! It’s a great Holiday, Marie tells me.

We’re going to be in a parade on a float! It’s a very large wagon pulled by a truck, wow! That will be interesting. Marie will be in a cute dress with a funny hat, and I will have a red, white a blue ruffle around my neck. We’ve tried them on, and I think I look very cute. Puff is in a small kitten ruffle and in Mommy Diana’s knitting basket. She looks very cute, too.

Auntie Honey and Auntie Spinner will be there, too, in their ruffles. Great Auntie Sweetie is staying at home to “hold down the fort,” as Daddy David says. I think it’s a joke because we don’t have a fort unless you count the one Zach has in the back yard .Great Auntie Sweetie never goes near that.” Too many loud children,” she says.

Zach is marching with the band playing the snare drum! It’s a neat drum, and he plays it very well.

Best of all, Daddy David and Mommy Diana will be on the float with us. Mommy Diana will be dressed like Marie, and Daddy David will have on a top hat. We all laughed when he tried it on.

We’re having a great party during the late afternoon. Mommy Diana has been baking and cooking for it, and Daddy David is carefully working on his famous barbecued spare ribs! Everything smells so good!

It’s party time! Everyone is here! Marie has given me tiny pieces of her food, and I really liked the spare ribs. I would love one of the bones at least, but Mommy Diana says it has too much fat and would upset my puppy tummy.

We’re having red, white and blue ice cream, and Mommy Diana made the inside of the cake red, white and blue, too. I don’t know how she did it, but it is pretty and tastes good, too.

After dinner, everyone helped with the clean-up and when they left to go to the fireworks, all of the dishes were clean and put away! That’s the best part of a party, Mommy Diana says.

We all get in the car and drive to the Village Park for fireworks. We sit on the grass on a blanket and watch. Puff is in Mommy Diana’s lap, cuddling closely.

There’s a big boom and lots of bright flashes, and it scares me! I start to tremble and cry a bit, and Marie holds me closer and tells me that the booms and flashes are the fireworks. “Look, see how pretty the flashes are?” and “Aren’t the booms fun?” Puff disappears under Mommy Diana’s Arm and then peeks out.

I don’t agree with Marie at first, but gradually in her warm lap, I stop trembling and start looking at the flashes. They are pretty now that I know they won’t hurt me. And the booms are like the big drums in the parade this morning, but much, much, more loud!

We went home and we all agreed that it was a great Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July to all!


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