Holiday letters with love from Clipper

JDaddy Zach is writing our Holiday Letter to many friends. He’s adding in lots of photos, many of them of Puff and me! I am a very photogenic puppy, he says. Puff is hard to photograph because she is all black, but her green eyes sparkle through in any photo. Sometimes you can see only one of them if she is blinking, but it sparkles!

I think Daddy David doesn’t want my help because he put me outside the study door and said, “Later Clipper, we’ll play later.” I want to help him work, so I’ll sit here and be his guard dog! Puff can help too, she sits on the chair and guards from there. She looks fierce when she grins at anyone who comes to the door.

We let Mommy Diana go in to take him some more coffee, and heard her say, “Do you know what Clipper and Puff are doing . . . ?” and then there was a chuckle from each of them!

Daddy David came out and took a photo of me guarding the door and Puff on the chair, and then he called for a family photo. That’s a bit of a problem because Great Auntie Sweetie doesn’t want to get out of her warm bed, but finally we are all lined up on the stairs.

I was in Marie’s lap next to Great Auntie Sweetie, but we could not find Puff! Finally Marie spotted her, on top of the tree!

Daddy David had to get a ladder to get her down but she was scared by that, too. So she hopped to Daddy David’s back, slowly, climbed down, hanging on with her tiny claws. There were a number of ouches as she went down his sweater, and then she was onto the chair behind, and jumped onto Zach’s lap!

Mommy Diana set the camera to take a photo and when it flashed, Puff hopped into the tree again! That kitty can really jump!


So the family photo shows a black smudge and then an extra photo of Puff on the chair guarding Daddy David’s study.

While the letter was printing out, slowly because of all of the photos, Puff watched it and patted each page as it came, making sure that they were lined up properly. She is really a sweet, neat kitty who really tries to help.

I went into the kitchen to help Zach make dog cookies. They were made of flour, oatmeal, peanut butter, garlic powder, and apple chunks, all mushed in together. There was as much flour as oatmeal, and then peanut butter so that they didn’t stick.

Mommy Diana added a bit of chicken broth when it was too thick for Zach to stir. Then Zach grated into it some of my dried liver treats that the very nice UPS man brings me. They were to add proper doggie flavor.

Mommy Diana looked at the batter, and said, they certainly were made love even if they do crumble a bit!

Daddy David came in to help with his special kitty treat recipe. It smelled a lot when cooking, Puff walked up and down in front of the oven until they were done! He used some grated cheddar cheese, whole wheat flour, broth and s couple of sardines to make it. It was Daddy David’s own special recipe, and we wondered if kitties would like it. Puff did.

Marie dropped the dough onto the parchment paper with a very small scoop to they would be just the right size. They were baked for a little while in a warm oven until they were browned on top and came out.

When they were cool, and crumbly, they packed them carefully into little doggie Holiday Greetings bags and Marie added doggie bones to reach one, just the right size for each doggie. Another Holiday bag was added for kitties with a cookie that Daddy David made, and each one got a little toy mouse. They both tied ribbons on them, but sometimes Marie and Zach helped each other with the very wide ribbons.

After helping with the cookie baking Mommy Diana went back to wrapping gifts for various people who have the doggies. There was a different kind of paper to almost every family, sometimes the same, but very colorful!

We took the bags of treats to each family on our block and we caroled them when they opened their doors! I even added my song, too, and everyone liked it. I think I sing beautifully, as well as Marie and Zachary. Puff was at home with great Auntie Sweetie because she is too little to go out in the cold yet. She can sing, and sometimes we sing songs together!

We hoped that your Holidays were very Happy!!!


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