Thanksgiving celebrations with Maine’s Island Labrador puppy


Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and it was a Big Day for all of us! Mommy Diana cooked 2 turkeys because she wanted to feed some of the neighbors also besides having the whole family in for the celebration! There were 2 whole, big delicious turkeys! The house surely smelled delicious, too, all over.

Right after dinner, we walked off our meal by going to Mrs. Frazer’s house to give her a Thanksgiving dinner. She was expecting us, and she was so happy! Her little dog Jocko was very happy also when I gave him a big bone that was a special treat!

Next we walked further down the block to give a meal to Mr. Greenbaum. He was so pleased that he had his table all set up for a good meal. Just like the other meals, he had turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots and a salad, all from our garden! Puff and I gave his cat Meow a special treat of cat nip! He loved it. Puff came along in her basket over Zach’s arm, you see.

And finally, at the end of the block we gave a meal to Mr. and Mrs. Alexander a big meal, too. Their dog, Daisy, a golden retriever, had new puppies, and we went in to see them. Daisy is a very good mother, and her puppies were plump and sleeping. I think they had a very good Thanksgiving before we got here! Daisy got her own bit of turkey as a treat because she is feeding 8 puppies all be herself! Wow, that is impressive! Puff also gave her a big bone.

It was so good. Everyone got a real Thanksgiving meal with vegetables from our garden, and Zach, Marie and I baked brownies and cookies for desserts. Puff was sleeping in her basket. She is a baby kitty and sleeps even more than I do.

Finally we went back home to have our desserts. My aunties and I can’t have any pie or ice cream, but we had something better. All of us doggies had great big special bones to chew on for days and days! Puff got a tiny toy mouse.

Daddy David got out his trumpet and played songs. I sang with him and so did my aunties, very quietly of course. Our company joined in on the best songs. He plays very well… and we sang “She’ll be coming round the mountain” with lots of happiness and energy. That wasn’t quiet at all. The Toots were especially good. I could really sing to them.

Suddenly the doorbell rang! It was Policeman Joe! What was the matter?

“Well,” he said, “the neighbors are a bit confused about all of the noise.” So he went next door to explain that we were having a sing-song, and suddenly Jared and his wife June joined us with a guitar and mandolin! “We really wanted to come, too, and sing with you!”

Marie served them some pie, and they played lots of other songs that Daddy David didn’t know. And the people from the other side of the house came also just to sing with all of us. We had many people singing, and the pie was all eaten up!

Mommy Diana laughed at her full house, and Puff and I had many laps to sit in and cuddle, but I came back to Marie to sleep and Puff came back to Zach to sleep, too.

Gradually, people got tired and the singing eased off. We promised to have another one, and everyone went home. Policeman Joe stayed for a last cup of coffee, and said it was the best party he had been to in a long time!

Finally we all said Good Night softly to each other, Auntie Honey made sure that Puff was in her basket all snug in her blanket. Great Auntie Sweetie gently hauled me back to sleep with her because she thought I was over-tired. She knows that growing puppies need their sleep, lots of it!
Good Night All, I hope your Thanksgiving was as good as ours!


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