Clipper the Maine Island puppy loves Pumpkins-celebrate with him!


It’s October and that means it is time to clean the Village Park, have the Pie Party and have Halloween, all in one long, happy afternoon!

All of us are making pumpkin faces to have for a big Halloween Party at the Village Park tomorrow! Some pumpkins are a special kind, just for making pies, and Marie and Zach are helping roll out the dough. It will be a great party. I can hardly wait!

Some of the pumpkin faces are happy and some are scary. One looks just like Daddy David, and we all laugh!

It’s hard to sleep tonight waiting for the party at the Village Park. The last time I was there, a nasty dog growled at me. I don’t think he will be there for the party, though. Policeman Joe told his parents to keep him home until he could be nice.

Party Day! We load up the car, with people, dogs, pies and pumpkins with candles for later after it is dark.

We will have lots of puppies and lots of children and lots of parents at the park. Everyone in the Village is coming! They all want to clean up the park after a summer of great fun! Then they know they will all have a slice of really yummy pumpkin pie!


Before anyone gets a slice of pie, however, we all help to clean the park. It has pretty leaves all over the ground, and some sticks, a couple of food wrappers, too. Then all of the trash and sticks and leaves go to the dump. The trash goes into Recycling, the sticks are ground into mulch, and the leaves are put into mulch, also! We have a very good dump that some people call a Transfer Center. The mulch isn’t transferred. We use it on our garden in the spring!

Finally, the park is inspected by the head of the Park Commission, and the party is declared Open! It’s time for our party! The adults and children work to make cider from all of the apples, but they do give us each a piece of apple to chew on. Delicious!

Some cider is served cold and some is served hot and mulled. I don’t know what “mulled” means, but many adults think it is delicious!

Finally it is time for the Pies! We used to have a contest to see which looked the best, but that meant that there was always someone who lost, and that wasn’t fun, so all pies are declared beautiful and Finest Kind!

Then the specially selected Pie People each stand behind the pies and start serving them! Everyone has a filled paper plate . . . and when one drops, we puppies get a taste, too. Delicious!

When it is dark, the pumpkins have their candles lit, and there is a great scary evening for us all. A ghost appears, but it is really Miss Emery the librarian so no one is scared. We hear great hoots in the trees which sound scary, but Daddy David says that it is from the barn owls who live nearby.

When Mr. Yancy comes and puts out the candles one by one in a bucket of water, we know the party is declared over. It was a great success and the park looks cleaner than ever.

We are all very tired, and I am almost asleep when Marie carries me into the house and puts me to bed next to Great Auntie Sweetie. I tell her in three words about the party.

I love pumpkins!


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