Clipper in the garden

GThis has been a big garden time! Mommy Diana and Daddy David went and bought many plants for the garden and lots of little seeds. Also they had outside lots of little plants that Mommy Diana grew all over in the windows of the house! The window sills look very empty now.

I’ve been out in the big vegetable garden with Mommy Diana, and Puff. We watched very carefully while she planted little white things she called, “Onions,” and then because they smelled badly, we dug them up, carefully leaving each one where it was.
We like the lavender and mint. We left the seeds and all of the plants, but the onions didn’t smell nice in my garden. We didn’t like them.

Mommy Diana put several types of tomatoes in the gardens, all the way from really big ones to tiny little grape tomatoes.
Mommy Diana even planted a garden for us dogs and Puff. In it she had planted some tomatoes, some cherry tomatoes for my aunties, and some tiny ones are for me and Puff. Marie and Zachary are allowed to snack from both gardens! It is much better, she said, to plant some for us rather than have us leave half eaten ones all over. But she didn’t put any onions in it! I think Mommy Diana is right!

Daddy David has put up two large fences 3 feet apart. He says it will keep the deer out. He thinks we will have some raccoons, so Mommy Diana planted some vegetables and tomatoes between the two gardens for them. She is a very nice person! Daddy David says she is a “Feed the World” kind of person! I like that.

The lettuce went in a couple of weeks ago, and we already have some little leaves! The peas are really growing high on their lattice, and they have lots of blossoms. The bees are very busy. And the squash is right next to the peas along with the corn. Everything is growing, bringing food right up from the garden dirt! Oh, I forgot, the green fronds of the carrots are up, and they wave to us whenever there is a little breeze. And the dark leaves of the beets are really growing. Daddy David will take some out so that we will have bigger beets later on, but now everyone will have some really good beet greens for dinner! Even my aunties will have some, and maybe Puff will eat a tiny bite. She hasn’t had them before.

The cucumbers are planted in all three gardens, and their flowers are beautiful! I love how crisp and wet they taste on a hot day in the summer! We have a lot growing in our garden.

And Marie and Zach have planted a surprise for Mommy Diana with Daddy David’s help. They put some flower seeds at the ends of the rows for Mommy Diana to pick to put on the table. What fun that will be!!! We always need color and happiness in our lives.

Something that grows without any help, except a huge amount of mulch every year, is the rhubarb. Wow, it has very large leaves. Daddy David took stalks into the house, declaring that there was to be rhubarb pie this evening. Mommy Diana had a pie crust ready before we went outside, so she and Marie made the pie.

Daddy David took the biggest rhubarb leaves to make a watering place for Puff and me and any thirsty animal or bird that happened to come along. He made a pile of dirt that was the right size for the inside of the watering bowl, and then placed a plastic bag over it. Then he very carefully placed the leaves, stem end at the top, and vein side up on the hill of dirt, going round and round. That way the inside of the bowl would look like big leaves. It was very important, he told Zachary, to get the vein side up, so that the pattern would be inside the bowl and look pretty.

Zachary helped Daddy David mix up sack of Sakrete, and they carefully put that over the leaves. They used the whole amount because they wanted it to be very, very strong. Then they covered it with a black plastic garbage bag to cure and harden. In 5 days or so, maybe even a bit longer they will turn it over, and see what they made! It will stay on the ground for us to use, and be filled with clean water daily. But before we use it, Daddy David will scrub it out very carefully and pick out the remnants of the plastic bag and any leaves that adhered to the Sakrete.

This has to be the greatest garden ever!

Puff and I are singing our happy song!


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