Happy Spring! Happy Mother’s Day!

Mommy Diana said that April showers bring May flowers. We have flowers, but today we are having showers, and we are all inside. I have to go outside to my garden for a while, but maybe I can have some fun in the garden!

RRain is fun! I can dance in it! I can run round dancing, and then dance standing up smelling some of the tall flowers. They really smell great. The little ones do, too. It is hard to dance when I am leaning way down, but I can wiggle my tail end and that is a kind of doggie dance!

I love dancing in the rain!

Puff came out to play in the rain, and she is all wet! She had a shower under the peonies when she shook them. Now she is licking her fur to get it all clean and dry, but I don’t think she will get it all dry. Do you know why? The rain will get it wet again!

Puff and I are dancing together. We do a lot of things together, and this is an especially fun one. She can jump very high when she dances. We run in circles doing silly things and then we stop and get our breathe again. Dancing in the rain is hard work.

Marie and Zachary have come to play in the rain, too. I think we gave them a good idea! They are dancing holding hands in a circle and falling down. Ooops, Marie landed in the dirt and made some mud. She’s all dirty, but that’s okay. She wore her old clothing and everything is washable. Even Marie is washable, and so is Zachary.

Zachary got a great idea. We all went to a place in the garden without any grass. I was puzzled until I saw what he was doing. He brought over the hose and turned it on. He made lots of mud! We played in the mud hole for a long time. Puff went and had another shower to under the peonies to get herself really clean.

UMarie started making a while village out of mud and Zachary helped her with the biggest houses. They really had a lot of fun.

I just liked squishing the mud between my toes and then I got a big idea. What would it feel like if I squished all of my in the mud? So, I did. I squished all of me in the mud and became a very muddy puppy!

Zachary and Marie laughed, and I think Mommy Diana and Daddy were laughing, too, looking outside from the big window. But then Zachary got very serious and said, “We have to clean this muddy puppy up before we take him in the house!”

So they ran the hose over all of me, and magically all of the mud disappeared! They ran it over themselves also, and it was a bit cold.

Marie suddenly said, “Zachary, it’s Mother’s Day. Let’s pick flowers for Mommy!” So they went and got the scissors that are used in the garden, and started picking flowers until there was a great big bundle! It had many colors in it and was very colorful. It smelled sweet, also.

Mommy Diana thanked us all and then Daddy David said one word. “Bath time.” All of us were bathed. I was washed in the laundry sink with sweet doggie soap, and that was as much fun as playing in the mud. I even had a rubber ducky of my very own. Puff was bathed, also, and she liked it enough to swim in the tub. She is a very agile tiny kitten!

When it was all over, my aunties sniffed me and took a long nap with me and Puff. We were very tired. Marie and Zachary had hot chocolate and went to have naps after their baths.

Can you think of a better rainy Mother’s Day? I can’t. It was glorious!


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