Happy National Puppy Day!!

N is for National today. For National Puppy Day!

N is for National today. For National Puppy Day!

Every March 23rd, we have a reason to smile. It’s a National Puppy Day, a day to celebrate all the overwhelming cute of these doppy, floppy, playful balls of joy. But if you can’t get around to being burried in a pile of puppies and breathe deep lung-fulls of puppy breath, we have a few ways you can celebrate.

You can volunteer at a local animal shelter. Shelters need everything from people to walk dogs and pet cats to photographing adoptable pets, handyman repair work around the facility, driving pets from shelters to rescue centers or to vet appointments, updating their websites and more. We have a list of 25 creative ways you can help your local animal shelter.

If you’re interested in bringing a puppy home to be a family member, there’s a lot you can do to have the most positive impact. First, know what you’re getting into and of course look into adoption first. You can even adopt from a breed-specific rescue.

Next, you can start studying up before your puppy even comes home. We have six excellent books that will change the way you look at your canine companion entirely. You can also learn how to speak dog, since dog body language reveals so much about what a dog is thinking and feeling. We even have a quiz so you can find out just how fluent you already are in dog-speak.

You can also celebrate by doing new training with your puppy or dog. We have 7 rainy day games to play with your dog, 12 commands every dog should know, and 10 brain games to play with your dog for starters.

And finally, you can celebrate by taking a look at your own habits around interacting with dogs and seeing how you can improve. Here’s a list of things humans do that dogs don’t like, including being hugged, and also ways to improve your experience at dog parks and avoid trouble.

These are just a few of them many wonderful ways you can be proactive about life with a dog so you can have a drama-free, fun-filled friendship with your four-legged BFF. Happy National Puppy Day!

Fist appeared on this blog: http://www.mnn.com/family/pets/blogs/happy-national-puppy-day#ixzz3VEWraP3N


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