Winter is fun for Maine’s Island puppy, Clipper!

21It is a bright and sunny day! We’re going outside to play, but the snow is still very deep for a little puppy like me. Purr is going to venture outside in Zack’s arms, but I think she will want to go right back in when she starts to get cold!

Marie and I are going to look for the first pansies, but Mommy Diana said that they were still deep in the ground sleeping. Instead she has cut some forsythia branches to put in water and make the house look bright with their yellow flowers. Do you ever do that? Some people bring in pussy willows, but we bring in forsythia. Auntie Honey helps us as she knows where everything in the garden grows.

Our aunties are going to look for animal holes in the snow, snuffling as they go. On occasion Auntie Spinner sneezes as she gets a piece of snow on her nose, but she’s having fun.

When everyone is all bundled up in their winter clothing we go out and get out the sleds. It’s not as cold as it was, but it is still cold. We are pleased that there is no wind today.

I can help Auntie Honey pull on the rope on the sled for Mommy Diana to bring her forsythia branches to the back of the house. There are a lot of them! I think she is going to give some to the neighbors. It’s a nice thing to do.

Mommy Diana asked us if anyone wanted to go to the flower nursery with her, and Marie and I do! She is getting paper white flower bulbs so that they can bloom also. They have a very sweet scent, too, and make the house smell really nice!

When we get home, Daddy David took us to the park for a little bit of sledding. We were getting tired, but we also wanted to have some playing in the snow. I went down the hill in Marie’s sled, cuddled in her arms. Purr went sledding in Zach’s arms! She loved it, too! Daddy David had us sled on a small hill with Purr and me on the sleds. He didn’t want us tumbled around at all. We are too little for that kind of play!

Finally we went home, all tired, but full of good feelings for the day. When we got home the forsythia was in several vases around the living room and dining room. The paper white bulbs looked like funny rocks in dishes. They had pebbles under them and water for their roots to form. They will take about 2 weeks or so to bloom. It is a great way to get spring started early, isn’t it? I think so.

Mommy Diana gave the children some hot chocolate to warm them up, and Marie and Zach cuddled us in the big bed with the aunties to warm us up. Purr had stayed out for a very long time and she was a bit colder than she should have been! We were asleep before we were all tucked in! I could hear Purr purring in my ear as we went to sleep. Great Auntie Sweetie was especially cuddly with us to warm us up.

When we wake up it is snowing again, just a little bit. I wonder when it will stop and spring will really come! Have you had a snowy winter?


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