Happy New Year from Maine’s Island puppy- Clipper

Last night we had a big party here with lots of noise. There were long things that looked like lizard tongues that went in and out. And outside there was even more noise with bright sparkly things in the sky.

Puff was scared and hid under Great Auntie Sweetie. All I could see of Puff was the tip of her tail. Great Auntie Sweetie said she was fine and was even purring. I almost wished I could hide under Great Auntie, too, but Marie cuddled me and kept Zachary and his friends from scaring me with great big lizard tongues! Then Zachary realized that it was scaring me and told his friends that this was a party for fun, and I wasn’t having fun. So they played with me, and we all had a great time.

Zach carefully explained to Marie and me that the year numbered 2014 was over and now it was be 2015. I don’t understand numbers, but it meant to me that something big had changed. I hope my home is all the same. I don’t want anything to change, especially my family!

There is a lot to clean up now, and Zach and Marie both have big bags to put trash in. I found a lizard tongue under the couch and carefully examined it. It’s only made of paper! There is something wooden at one end and the tip of the tongue is at the other. When I bit it apart, all of a sudden it made the lizard noise, and I made a yip because it scared me! Puff gave a big jump and her fur puffed way out! Mommy Diana was laughing. “He blew on the toy and scared himself!”

I am staying away from that lizard forever! It may be made of paper and wood, but I don’t trust it!

I did help with the other trash however, and I barked whenever I found a lizard. Zach liked my help. Puff went back to Great Auntie Sweetie knowing that she was much better hiding away from the toys and trash.

Marie had a toy that made a horrible noise, and everyone put their hands over their ears. Daddy David put it away for another year immediately! I don’t know why it even was used last night, but people do some wild things.

Daddy David ran the vacuum cleaner over the rugs, and Zachary, because he is short, vacuumed under the couches. I climbed into the dog bed with all of my aunties and Puff while they did it. I stayed out of the way and didn’t get my paws vacuumed.

Mommy Diana finished washing all of the dishes, and called Marie and Zach to dry them and put them away. Suddenly it was all done! It went fast with the whole family joining in the work, and now we are all going for a walk on this lovely day.

I wish you could go with us. I walked close to Marie, with Puff was sometimes on my shoulder and sometimes in Zach’s arms. Daddy David and Mommy Diana held hands, and we all were happy. I think that 2015 is a good year!



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