Learning to read

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 5.02.15 PM

Marie is trying to teach me how to read, and puppies don’t read! It is perplexing, figuring out how to tell her. Maybe if I just went to sleep she would understand. Her voice makes me want to sleep.

I think my idea was the right one because when I woke up she was smiling at me and reading her new ABC book! It has pictures of us both in it! That is very exciting. I love seeing pictures of me and the family.

It is turning cold and that means the children are going back to school, and they take a big yellow bus every morning and come home in it in the afternoon. Marie was scared the first day and cried, but Zach put an arm around her, and he hugged her while he said “It’s fine, Marie. You will like your new friends!”

I was in the car watching when Marie got to school on the bus with Zach, and Mommy Diana was there to greet her! She took Marie inside, and I think she took Marie to meet her new teacher. Mommy Diana told me that Marie was smiling and happy when she left her. I sniffed all of the children through the open windows as they went past me. I knew some of them already, and many were new. What fun for Zachary and Marie to make new friends!

Daddy David says we are all nesting. I think he is saying something about Mommy Diana making lots of berry jam and jelly! She froze lots of vegetables from the big garden, also. Zach really likes working with Mommy Diana, helping the vegetables grow! He especially loved seeing the tomatoes turn red and golden as they ripened, and then bringing them into the house for delicious salads. I sampled the tomatoes to make sure they were sweet tasting, and ran to tell my aunties all about them.

When we all went out to the garden, even Great Auntie Sweetie, my aunties showed me a special part of the garden planted just for us, telling me that the rest was for the human part of the family and this was for dogs and Purr. I don’t think that kittens like gardens to eat vegetables, but Purr did find some insects and tiny mice that she ate. Purr helps keep the garden healthy!

Auntie Spinner showed me how to dig up the best carrots! They are delicious, and best of all, they are healthy to eat. Mommy Diana and Zachary planted some very good food for us.

When we saw Mommy Diana and Zachary picking some tomato horn worms off the tomato plants in their garden, we looked in our garden for them, and found three. I carefully took mine and put it in their pail, too. Auntie Honey brought over the other two. Mommy Diana is going to feed them to the birds. “That’s where they belong,” said Zachary, “not in our gardens!”

I am going inside for a nap with my aunties and Purr! It is very tiring working in the garden for little puppies and little kittens. We helped a lot. Naps and gardens help puppies and kittens grow to be strong and healthy!


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