Clipper’s “Dog day afternoon”

11It’s very hot again today! Daddy David said it was a “Dog day afternoon,” and I don’t know what that is. I guess they are hot days like today.

Puff and I are just trying to find cool places to lie down in our garden. I think under the gardenia bush is best, but Mommy Diana said that we can’t lie down there. We might knock off some flowers and new buds! They have a nice aroma for humans! So, we had to hunt for another place. Under the Beauty Bush is the next best place and that is fine with Mommy Diana.

I dug a hole to find some cool dirt and lay in that. Purr joined me, but didn’t cuddle with me. That would have made us hotter!

Marie came into the garden and she is filling the pool for us all to play in! That’s going to be really fun! We love to play in the little pool. Zach is helping her to make certain that the water is in the pool and not on the grass. When it is all full, we all jump in except Purr. She looks very hot in her black fur coat! She looks skeptical!

Marie picked her up gently and held her on her lap. Puff put a paw in the water, and took it out and shook it daintily, but then she tried another paw. Finally she lay down in Marie’s lap, getting her hot little tummy cool. Mommy Diana came to see what was happening and was amazed at Puff getting wet! I guess that cats don’t like getting wet, but I think that Puff does! Zach was very careful when he picked up Puff, and Puff lay down in his lap, also.

After a little while, Zach put Puff under the bush again and all of us played in the water. I pounced on Marie’s tummy, making us laugh!

We saw pounce on Marie’s lap. It was Puff! Puff likes the water, too. She even swam! Mommy Diana got Daddy David to come and watch us all playing bouncing, pouncing and getting very wet. It was great fun. Then Marie and I played in the mud we found. Puff does not like the mud at all. She watched us all play, though and cleaned her whole fur coat and toes after swimming.

We all went into the house led by Puff. Puff was very clean, Marie was a bit dirty and went ot the shower. I was a total mess, as Zach said! He had to take me back outside, put clean water into the pool, and then rinse me all over. I liked that and tried to get him to come in with me. He said that this was my bath, not his this afternoon.

That was a very good Dog day afternoon. Don’t you think so?


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