I’ve got a secret!

I’ve got a secret! It’s a big and bumpy one who wants out! I first picked him up, but he made my mouth make suds even though I was very gentle. I thought that wasn’t quite nice, but maybe I wasn’t quite nice either picking him up when he didn’t want to be picked up.

So, I solved my problem. I need to keep him here until Zach comes to take a good look and tell me what it is, and I think he would leave if I let him. So I am sitting on him!

I’ve been Woo-Wooing for Zach and Marie for a minute or two and I think I see Zach coming now. He will help me. Happily this new friend doesn’t mind being sat upon. I wouldn’t do it except I know I am soft underneath, and I know he has room to breathe, and I am afraid he would leave immediately!

There is so much to find and explore in our play yard here behind the house!

“You called?” asked Zachary as he got here. He sees the left-over suds and starts laughing, calling Mommy Diana and Daddy David to come and see what I have done now. I think I do a lot of things that they like seeing, that’s what I think.

When Marie was right next to me, and Daddy David and Mommy Diana were there, too, I stood up! For some reason Marie said “URGH!” and went back a bit. The others started laughing, and pretty soon Zachary was rolling on the grass. “He was sitting on it!”

When Daddy David could wipe the tears out of his eyes, he told us it was a toad, a very nice toad who lived in the garden and ate nasty insects. It was a good find in the garden, but he said next time to leave it where it lived and just call from a little distance away so as not to scare it off. That would have been best. He was glad I had put it down so quickly and had treated it so gently.

We watched as Toad went off to his little home under the Peonies. And then he made his long tongue come out to catch a moth!

Wasn’t that a great secret!!!!


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