Clipper’s summertime picnic fun… join us!

All of a sudden summer happened! That’s what Zachary says. We had cold days with sweaters and rain coats, and then it warmed up so it is hot outside.
We’re going on a boat picnic today! Purr and I wear life jackets in the boat. Ours are bright yellow and match Marie and Zachary’s. That’s so we will be easily seen if we fall overboard.

ReflectWe went to Little Pickering Island and played on the beach with big rocks and sand. The tide was out, so we had a big beach to play on. Purr didn’t like getting wet, but I did! It was fun to chase a ball and run around with it.

Mommy Diana had good cold water for us to drink when we stopped playing and were hot and hungry. Lunch was very good food for all of us! I had kibble and Purr had her kitten food. Marie and Zachary munched on hamburgers and the grownups had steak! My aunties had their best kind of bones, too.

After lunch we had to rest a bit in the cool shade. My aunties showed me how to dig a hole in the sand to fit my little body, and I did it! It was wonderful. I made it big enough for Purr, too. We both took a long nap.

No one else lay down in a hole. They were all on towels. I guess because they don’t know how to get cool or don’t like getting sandy.

After our naps and another drink of water, I went to play at the edge of the water again with my aunties, and Purr came with me. This time she got her paws wet to cool off, and even went in up to her tummy! Than is unusual for a kitten, Marie said. Maybe she will be a swimming kitty? Do you think so? I hope she is because then we can swim together. Wouldn’t that be great!

We heard some unusual noises while we played. They were loud moans, and I was concerned that someone was hurt. Marie said it was the seals talking to each other.

We packed everything into the boat and came home again. We stopped to see the seals on a rock. They smelled interesting to me, but Marie held her nose. She didn’t like it.

When we got home, everything had to be brought back to the shore in the tender, a little boat, along with us. My aunties jumped off the big boat and swam back in. Auntie Honey told me that I could do it, too, when I am a big dog!

All of us carried picnic stuff to the house. I carried Puff and a towel. My aunties carried their treasures back to show Great Auntie Sweetie. Auntie Spinner even brought her back a shell that she though was nice. I brought her a stone from the beach that I liked.

Everyone is all tired out and sleeping. I still want to play! So does Purr! So we went outside and told Butterfly all about the wonderful picnic we had had.

Do you have wonderful picnics, too?


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