May Day with Clipper!

I was bouncing and springing on people this morning with Purr when Daddy David looked over his paper and said, “It looks as Spring had sprung!” I still don’t know quite what Spring is, but tomorrow is May Day, and I am excited. Zachary and Marie are taking Purr and me to pick flowers to give top Mommy Diana and Daddy David. We have May baskets for the flowers and they are going to look beautiful.

We went out into the garden and I picked a daffodil for Mommy Diana’s basket, but I guess it looks a bit ragged. I picked it with my mouth over the flower. That seemed the best way, but Marie told me that they should be picked by the stem. I did better with my next one, however Zach decided that I would do better holding the basket.

Purr tried to pick some little violets, but they were so delicious she ate them instead. Zach popped her into the basket I was holding, and she is sitting there, I think. I can’t see her, but I can feel her and her fur makes me want to sneeze. She isn’t too heavy to carry because she is my little furry kitten sister.

I dropped the basket, Purr and all, to bark at Marie to warn her of a bee on the pansy! Today is not a day to get stung! Purr was a little discombobulated by the thump and jumped out.

After we had enough flowers for Mommy Diana and Daddy David, we went looking for a May Day gift for all of our aunties. Purr found a stick for Auntie Honey; I found a really nice small log for Auntie Spinner. Zach came back from the shore with some smelly green stuff for Great Auntie Sweetie! We don’t have baskets for them, so we will give them to them to our aunties one at a time. Marie will help me with the log. She has already wiped off the ants that were on it.

Bright and early in the morning Zach and Marie fixed breakfast for everyone. Zach fried some eggs while Marie made toast. The rest of us got special meals with bones in them! Hurrah!

Mommy Diana and Daddy David were very pleased and said that it was the best breakfast ever, especially with the May Baskets!
The aunties were thrilled with their May Day gifts! They played lots of games with us until we were all tired and needed to sleep. It was a great May Day for All!


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