Maine’s Island puppy with Purr, his cat friend

I showed Purr how to wriggle.

I showed Purr how to wriggle.

I took Purr out to my yard today, just the two of us. She has grown so well that she is no longer getting her milk from a bottle! She laps it from a dish and eats kitten food from her own little dish with her name PURR on it.

Daddy David said that the yard is kitten-proofed, so we can explore it together. Something has happened to the air! It has a different smell today! It smells of daffodils and green grass. It is so good after the winter’s smell to have something new.

I picked a daffodil for Purr and she sniffed it carefully. Her nose is all yellow from the pollen. I wonder if a bee will come and take it off her. I hope not! She might get stung and that would be terrible!

I also showed Purr how to wriggle in the green grass. It is one of the best things about having grass. I smell so sweet after rolling in it. Purr tried it, but then stood up and shook off, and went back to holding her daffodil.

We went all around the yard. I could jump on the chair and Purr climbed up on it, too. She left her daffodil behind after trying several times to bring it with her. It was too heavy. Purr climbs with her little claws. She then climbed on the tree behind her, and I did too. I had to stay with her to protect her.

We were too high, so I woofed for help and Zach and Marie came running outside. They plucked us off the tree, and then moved the chairs a great distance away from it. Daddy David had missed that trouble spot!

Zach and Marie stayed outside and played ball with us, slowly rolling a ball between them so that we could get it. I got it and brought it back to Zach every time. I was getting it too many times and Purr looked unhappy.

I sat in Marie’s lap and Zach rolled the ball for Purr who leapt on top of it! The ball then rolled over her, but it was so light it didn’t squish her. I was scared for her for a second, but then she was okay. Purr plays ball a different way! She tried to bring the ball back to Zach, but it rolled over her again. After that she patted it on its back and managed to get it to him!

We were all amazed at our little kitten and what she could do. Purr is a retrieving kitten! Then we were all tired and headed back to the house. I was walking slowly when I felt a little bump on my back. I knew what that meant. I was carrying our very tired Purr, and she was bringing her raggedy daffodil in for Mommy Diana! I am a strong puppy and she isn’t a heavy load even with her daffodil.

We wanted to play outside the next day, but it was raining again. Mommy Diana told us that April is a very rainy month! We will have to play some of our inside games and sleep a lot, getting ready for new adventures tomorrow!


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