It’s March!

Marie woke up this morning and said, “Yippee, it’s March!” I looked outside and there wasn’t a parade marching past, so I don’t know what she means. I looked under the bed, and again, no parade. No parades all through the house wherever I looked. I don’t see March at all!

Then Marie told me that March is the month with her and Zach’s birthdays, and we get to have two parties. I like that. I love parties! Mommy Diana is making cupcakes for Marie’s class for tomorrow right now. Marie wants them to have snowbows on them, but Mommy Diana told her that snowbows sounded like fun, but maybe she meant rainbows? Yes, that was it. There will be lots of little rainbows going to school tomorrow with Marie. I hope she makes one for me.

There is more snow coming down today, lots of fluffy snow, not the hard wet snow of earlier in the winter. This is going to be easy to walk and jump in. All of us get ready and go out and play, tossing lots of snow all over the place. It’s like playing in leaves in the fall!

After we came in, Dr. Jane came to see us. She had a special gift for Zachary! As she took off her coat, she carefully and gently pulled out a tiny sweet kitten. She had different colors all over her, black, white and yellow. “Her name is Purr, and I am giving her to you because I know you will take very good care of her. Someone found her, and brought her to me when she was very, very tiny. She needs to have a bottle of her formula milk every hour, and she can have just a taste of very soft cat food. I have everything she needs in this basket for you. But first Purr and Clipper must be properly introduced.”

I was so excited that I did a play bow right in front of Purr, and scared her! I sat down and waited then until Dr. Jane and Zachary lifted her to sniff my nose and eyes and ears. Purr sniffed me all over. I did gentle sniffs of her, too. I was tired from playing outside, and went to our big bed and lay down beside Great Auntie Sweetie. Pretty soon, I felt a tiny patting of little feet as Purr climbed in between us and lay down, cuddled and warm. Auntie Honey joined us and immediately began to clean Purr. Auntie Spinner cleaned her too, making certain that no parts were missed. Then they started cleaning me! It tickles when they clean my ears. Purr made a funny noise that was comforting as we all went to sleep.

Zach wanted to hold her more, but Dr. Jane told him that she was tired, and sleeping with Great Auntie Sweetie and me and all of the aunties was the best thing for her. She was warm, cuddled and loved. Later when she woke up, Zach could cuddle her as he fed her. Dr. Jane even showed him the kitten toys she had brought for Purr.

When we went to bed that night, I knew that March was more than a parade. March is love, fun, and rainbows on cupcakes. I also knew that we make our own parade, don’t we?


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