Clipper’s Valentine’s Day

Cookies! Lots of cookies! Zach and Marie are making lots and lots of puppy and doggie cookies, and some for people, of course. The cookies are all what Marie calls red. But I call them beautiful. Mommy Diana is even making some red cupcakes, too, for parties for Marie and Zach’s classes. Wow, they are very lucky!

Everything is in the shape of a heart! Lots of hearts for lots of friends.

Marie told me all about Saint Valentine, and how February 14 is named Saint Valentines’ Day and that’s when we give hearts to ones we love. That sounds like a lot of fun. Marie made a Valentine for each child in her class and Zachary made them, too. They made special ones for their teachers.

Time to go play in the snow. Lots of it came down last night and we’re having fun. I love to run and make tunnels in it and then pop up to see where I am. Once I popped up at Daddy David on his shovel. He was very surprised and pleased to see me having so much fun. I bounced off his shovel and ran after Zach who was trying to play Hide and Seek. Marie kept finding him. Do you know how? She followed his foot prints in the snow, of course.

My aunties played and flopped over on their backs, making funny noises as they rolled. Then they got serious and helped Marie and Zach bring in firewood. I tried to bring a piece in, but it was very heavy for a little puppy to carry. I had to drag it. Daddy David laughed and thanked me and then helped the children. We worked very hard.

At the very end the children made snow angels while I washed off their faces. My aunties helped me. Great Auntie Sweetie was very careful with their ears and eye brows. She didn’t get very far because I think it tickled! Zach and Marie got up laughing and giggling.
Then we were all cold and went back in the house. Mommy Diana had hot chocolate for the family and dog biscuits for us! All of us got warm and cuddly, and I had a nap with my aunties in our very big bed.

For dessert that night all of us had Valentines. We had doggie Valentine biscuits and the family had a big heart-shaped cake with red frosting! It even had red roses on it! Then Zach and Marie passed out the Valentines they had made for everyone. I loved mine. It had a picture of me on it that Zach had drawn!

I don’t have any valentines to give anyone and I feel very sad about it. Marie saw I was so sad and wondered why. Then I had an idea! I asked to go outside, and I brought in a piece of firewood to Mommy Diana. Then I went back out and brought one to Daddy David. I tugged very hard and brought in pieces for each of my children and my aunties!

By the time I was done everyone was cheering, but Mommy Diana had tears as she laughed. I wonder why? Can you tell me?

The next day Daddy David drove Zach and Marie off to school with all of their Valentines and Valentine cupcakes.

We had a great Saint Valentine’s Day!


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