My purple sky after the ice storm

ReflectWe had a big storm last night. I went out in the snow, and I was covered with it all over me. I had to jump up to see out of the snow and find out where my children were. Marie and Zachary were laughing at me. Daddy David came out and with his big shovel cleared a path all the way down to the corner of the garden so that I could go potty.

Daddy David cleared some more snow away near the front door so that I could play with the children. Marie picked me up and walked through the snow, showing me very gently how deep it was on her, too. Daddy David shoveled more lawn area so that we could play together. Then he got out the snowblower and blew the driveway clean. It was fun to watch but we stayed far away from the blowing snow, because it came so fast it would hurt us if it hit us in the face.

Zachary began rolling balls to make a big snow fort. That cleared off a lot more space for me to play, so Marie put me down and joined Zachary. They made a big snow fort to hide behind, and then they made a big snowman. That snowman was a good target for snowballs, because they know not to throw snowballs at people. After throwing all their snowballs, they got tired, and I was very cold, so we all went into the house and warmed up. Zach and Marie had hot chocolate. Mommy Diana rubbed me down with a warm towel, wrapped me in a blanket, and cuddled me up to Great Auntie Sweetie on our big dog bed so that I could get warm from her. I went to sleep right away.

Daddy David listened to the news on TV, and said “We better be prepared, because there is an ice storm headed our way.” Zachary helped him bring in wood for the wood stove so that we could be warm if the power went out. Mommy Diana cooked lots of food and put it in the refrigerator to be heated on the wood stove when needed. Daddy David and Zachary went out and bought other supplies, bringing them in with lots of stamping of snow off their boots. Zachary said, “It’s started already!”

When we woke up in the morning, it was very pretty outside with all shiny trees bending way over, covered with ice. Mommy Diana put gravel on the ice on the pathway down to my potty place in the garden so that I wouldn’t fall over and get hurt. Daddy David put gravel on the pathway to the driveway and all over the driveway. He also shoveled out the mailbox so that the mail carrier could deliver our mail.

Then I realized there weren’t any lights on in the house! We didn’t have any power! Marie got out the folding table, and put out a big puzzle for everyone to work on near the wood stove so that everyone would be warm. Zachary moved our big dog bed over next to the wood stove so that all of us doggies would stay warm, too.

I cuddled up to Great Auntie Sweetie and Auntie Honey and went to sleep. Auntie Spinner cuddled with Zachary on the floor while he played with cars. When I woke up again, the lights were on and all was fine.

When the sun went down, Marie looked outside and said, “The sky is purple!” Daddy David said, “That is caused by the ice and the orange colored sunset. I don’t really understand what it is, but it happens every once in a rare while. You are very lucky to see this.” Marie ran and got her camera and took a picture because this was so unusual and so pretty.

It was several days before all of the ice went away, and it was safe for all of us to go outside and play. We never saw a purple sky again, but I won’t forget it.

We don’t know the name for a purple sky following an ice storm. Do you? If you do, please write me at my polar bear friend, and publisher:

Polar Bear & Company
PO: Box 311
Solon, Maine, 04979


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