Clipper’s holiday wishing you love and peace

There are lots of pretty lights all over the house! Daddy David brought in a big tree yesterday, and today he and Marie and Zachary are putting lights all over it. There are lots and lots of tiny lights in lots of different colors all the way to the tippy top. Then they put pretty toys and balls on it, but no one let me play with them.

Marie told me that they were decorations and not puppy toys! I was very disappointed. When I tried to go under the tree to get a better look at all of the lights, they pulled me out. I went under the dining table and that wasn’t a good spot. They were taking ornaments out of boxes and there were too many feet for me! I went to our big doggie bed. It was a safe place for me and all of my aunties. Zach brought each of us a big bone to chew on. It wasn’t a real bone, but it tasted very good!

Marie is baking cookies now, and Mommy Diana is helping her. Zachary and Daddy David are cleaning up the mess in the living room from all of the fir needles that fell on the floor. I am very, very puzzled. When I bring in a tree branch, Mommy Diana makes me take it right back outside again, and Daddy David brought in a whole tree, and everyone loves it.

There are more lights at dinnertime. Mommy Diana brought out the big candlesticks and a new candle is lit every night so there’s more and more pretty candle light each night. All of us get a treat, even Zachary and Marie. Marie helps Mommy Diana make some delicious potato pancakes called latkes for dinner. We get tiny tastes of them because more would upset our doggy tummies.

Mommy Diana is telling Daddy David where to put more little lights going up the stairs under the railing. And there are even some on the fireplace mantle. Oh my, there are socks on the mantle, too! What are they doing up there? At least they are clean, but I hope no one sees them. This is a very funny house today. Outside things are inside and there is laundry on the mantle! That is all backwards!

Zachary is now putting up all of our card tables around the living room to make children’s tables he says. We are having lots of company for dinner tonight with lots of children! Mommy Diana put a huge turkey in the oven just before lunch today. I think we need many people to eat it up. Marie has even put out all of the dog dishes so I know my puppy friends and my auntie’s doggy friends are coming to visit, too. Hurray! Puppies and doggies! We can play today!

I am so excited that finally Zachary took me for a long walk to calm me down. He said that if I get tired maybe I won’t be so bouncy. I don’t know about that. I think I get bouncy when we have a lot of people and doggies come to visit. This is going to be a very good party for all of us!

All of our friends have arrived and people are talking everywhere in the house. Everyone is pleased with the tree and they seem to like the socks on the mantle, too! My puppy friends are here. We can’t go running around the house, so Daddy David put us all in the backyard. And we ran and played for a long, long time. Then Mommy Diana let us back in to enjoy the party. We were almost cold out in the snow by then, and Marie dried all of us off and cleaned our paws as we came in the door.

The turkey came out of the oven while we were playing outside. It smells delicious, but nobody will let us come near it to get a good sniff and lick. Daddy David carves the turkey and passes out platters of it to all of the tables so that everyone can get a serving. Mommy Diana and Auntie Claire carry around the gravy and platters of vegetables to each of the tables to serve everyone the good food. I want to get a closer look and try to stand up at a children’s table, but Zachary sends me off. Just a little lick? That’s all I want! Oh, Mommy Diana and Auntie Clare have served us, too, with our kibble and a little taste of turkey!

Daddy David stands up and clinks on his glass to get everyone’s attention.

“Here’s to a happy celebration for all of our blended family and friends. We love you and may we all live peacefully for a long, long time. Let’s eat!”

After I’m finished eating, I feel so happy that I let out a little bit of a happy puppy song. It was just a little howl, just a tiny one. Then, Picasso started to sing very quietly with me. Clancy joined us, but he can’t sing quietly so our song got louder and louder. Finally Zachary and Marie joined us, as did Mommy Diana and Daddy David. Then all of our family and friends joined in, too. Daddy David and Policeman Joe sang together in harmony! They have big, loud voices. Everyone sang loudly and happily. The whole happy house was singing my happy song.

Are you singing your happy song? I hope you are. See you next month and have happy, merry celebrations!

My love to you,


May all of our friends and their families have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,
Happy Kwanza, and Happy Solstice!

The Clipper Family wishes Peace to All in this holiday season.


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