Letter from Clipper to you!


Hi, I’m Clipper!

We’ve been having a fun game today. It’s raining outside and snowing at the same time, so we are all inside keeping warm and dry! It’s a very messy weather day, and we don’t want to get wet and cold. That’s not fun.

On days like this we play games. Marie has been hiding my toys and I have to go find them. I have a superior nose so I find them almost right away. The one I missed was when she put it in a kitchen drawer, and there was no way I could have found it! Auntie Spinner finds everything, even people who are lost! She found me when I was lost when I thought I was the Boss of everything.

Our new game is knowing your name and where you live! Mommy Diana says Name and points and Zachary has to Say Zachary Happy, or says address, and Marie has to say 1 Happy Lane, Seaview, Lobster Island, Maine. Zachary and Marie even know their phone number!
I can’t really play all of the game because I can’t talk, but when Mommy Diana says “Clipper,” I give a tiny bark to say “Yes, that’s my name!”

I have a chip with all my information, so people can take me to Dr. Jane and she can read who I am from that!
Later they made “Found Art” from all of their summer treasures. They painted cardboard a color they thought looked like the ocean and beach, and then glued treasures on it so that they looked really special. Daddy David used a hot glue gun to really fasten things in place. No one used my sweet smelling green and brown stuff that I hauled up from the beach, though. They said it smelled icky. But Marie used a snail shell that I barked at for her, and Zach used a piece of sea glass that I found and carried to him one day. He was very pleased with that!

Mommy Diana has been napping on the couch, but I think she woke up with the aroma of Daddy David’s dinner of pulled pork. I don’t know what he did because the recipe is a secret!

My puppy meal tastes better, but I won’t tell them that. It’s a secret, too!
I’ll write again next month. Puppy hugs and kisses to everyone!


©Anita de Laguna Haviland 11/8/2013


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